Outlook: Disabling Automatic Schedule View in Calendar

The Automatic Schedule View feature in Outlook is generally regarded as a gnawing frustration for most Outlook users. It is not a debilitating occurence, but something that requires constant correction. Here is the good news… you can turn it off so it never bothers you again.

More arrow in arrange group

Before we jump in, big thank you to Megan for having this question in the last Outlook Advanced session.

How is Schedule View Triggered?

Most people, when viewing multiple calendars at a time, are used to viewing them side by side like this:

Regular calendar view

But, by default, if you open more than 5 calendars at a time, instead your view automatically changes to something like this:

Schedule view

This horizontal orientation is Schedule View. Not the end of the world… most people just mosey up to the Arrange group in the ribbon, and flip back to Work Week or Week view (depending on their preference).

Arrange group, Schedule View selected

That being said, some find it a bit jarring when you are browsing through 4 calendars, then open up one more and suddenly the whole view is changed. Sort of interrupts your train of thought…

Who knows, maybe you even like Schedule View (no judgement), but would like to activate it yourself, rather than have it flip on automatically. Here is how you can make that change.

Disabling Automatic Schedule View

  1. Go to the Calendar module.
  2. In the Home tab, Arrange group, click on the arrow in the lower right of the group.Arrange group, more arrow
  3. Scroll down to Display Options, and either uncheck “Automatically switch…to Schedule View”, or change the minimum number to automatically switch from 5 to a number you prefer.

Display options, box unchecked next to automatically switch to Schedule View feature

4. Click OK.

Some of this is personal preference. I turned this feature off completely. For me, I would rather change my view by hand rather than have it automatically change when I am in the middle of browsing calendars.

You may decide that you want it to automatically change for you, but just after a larger number of calendars are opened. Either way, the power is now in your hands!


What do you think, do you think you will make an adjustment to your Schedule View defaults?

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Arlene Thomsen