OneNote: History Tab and Restoring Page Versions

In OneDrive Essentials training, we learn all about restoring old versions of documents stored in the cloud. Did you know you have the same ability with your OneNote Notebooks? And the good news is, it is remarkably simple. For that matter, you also have a variety of additional features available to you that involve the history features in your notebooks. Let’s take a look.

A Note on OneNote Applications

There are many types of OneNote Applications in the mix: phone applications, tablet applications, Windows Store applications, Mac applications, and so on… The application I am referring to for this Byte is the OneNote Desktop Application for PC.

This does not mean these history features are not available in other apps, but the Desktop Application is by far the most versatile way to access OneNote notebooks, and is still the way I would recommend accessing your notebooks primarily.

History Tab

Just a heads up that we will be hanging out in the History tab in the desktop PC application of OneNote for all of the features described below.History Tab

Restoring Page Versions

One of the most exciting abilities in the History tab is the Page Versions feature. Just like your OneDrive documents, by default OneNote is keeping track of different versions of each page in your notebook.

  1.  Go to the History tab, History group and select the dropdown for Page Versions.History Tab, Page Versions
  2. Select Page VersionsPage Versions Dropdown Menu
  3. Notice on the right side, old page versions will appear shaded in grey. Select one to take a closer look.Page Versions Side Menu
  4. To restore a page version, or see more options, click on the gold bar that appears at the top of the scren.

Restore bar

There are a couple more options worth mentioning in the dropdown for Page Versions, including the ability to:

  • Delete all versions in a section, group or notebook
  • Disable history for this notebook (not recommended).

Page Versions Dropdown Menu

Recent Edits

Relatedly, you can search by recent edits made to a notebook. This can be especially helpful with notebooks you are sharing with others.

  1.  In the History tab, Authors group, select the Recent Edits dropdown.

Recent Edits Dropdown menu

2. Select a time range to view.

3. Search results will appear on the right side of the screen, with edited pages highlighted in yellow.

History Search

Find by Author

Here is another great tool to keep you organized if you are sharing your notebook: the ability to search by author.

1. Go to the History tab, Authors group and select Find by Author.

Find by Author button2. On the right, you can refine your search by a specific author.

Search results by author


I hope you find these History tricks useful for your OneNote notebooks! If you find a handy use for these features, or have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.

Congratulations, Power Users!

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OneNote: Web Clipper

You are using and loving OneNote, right? In OneNote Essentials training, we discover how this program opens up tons of possibilities for organizing thoughts, integrating Outlook items, and so much more. One feature I talk briefly about in this training, but can’t show in detail, is the nifty Add-On you can use in your browser of choice. These Add-Ons can streamline organizing information you are pulling from the web.

OneNote Browser Add-On Downloads

About half of you are using Chrome, about a quarter are using Firefox, and the other quarter one of the other browser options.

Here is the good news… Regardless of your browser of choice, the link below will detect your current browser and send you to the appropriate download. If you use multiple browser programs, you can open it in each one (Chrome, then Firefox, etc) and download the clipper for each program.

OneNote Clipper Download

1. Select Get the OneNote Web Clipper

Get the OneNote Clipper button

2. You will be redirected to the appropriate log in page with a button allowing you to add the clipper to your browser.

Add to Chrome button

After the clipper is installed, it will appear:

  • Chrome/Firefox/Edge: to the right of your address and search bars
  • Safari: to the left of your address bar

Log In

The first time you click on the clipper, you will be prompted to log in to your OneNote account. This will give the clipper access to place your selections into your OneNote notebooks.

To log in, remember:

1. Your email is your (e.g.

2. Password is your usual myWSUID password.

3. You will be redirected to a Shocker log in page; this will look familiar if you have taken the OneDrive training.

4. You will likely be asked to Duo, so be sure to have your device of choice at the ready to authenticate.


Once logged in, check out the clipper! You have a choice of clipping:

  • Full page
  • Region
  • Article
  • Bookmark
Clipper Options

And, you can select a location to place your clipping. Select the dropdown by Location to see your OneNote notebooks and folders.

OneNote Locations


What do you think? Do you think you will use the clipper?

Congratulations, Power Users!

Congratulations to our newest Power Users! For the full gallery, and more information about the WSU Microsoft Office Power User Program, please visit:

Jacquelyn Johnston

Jacquelyn Johnston