Simplify Scheduling with Microsoft Bookings

Bookings: Your Personal Scheduling Assistant

If you ever wished you had a personal assistant to help you with booking and managing meetings, or if you are currently using a third party app like Calendly to help you manage meetings, you will definitely want to hear about Microsoft Bookings.

Faculty, you might think about this as an option for creating bookable office hours with students; this would work for both virtual or in person meetings, depending on how you set up your meeting types.

You can find Bookings in your Microsoft 365 app launcher:

Bookings in M365 app launcher

In Bookings, you can set up a personal Booking Page with one or more meeting types. These meetings will display specific, predetermined times for people to book appointments with you.

Bookings page with meeting types

When your colleague selects a time, this triggers an Outlook invitation to both you and the person booking with you. If you have configured this to be a Teams meeting, a Teams meeting link will automatically be generated.

Scheduling a meeting in Bookings

Bookings will also manage the meeting from there: either you or your colleague can cancel or reschedule this meeting through Bookings.

Booked meeting with options to cancel

Take a look at the video below for more detailed information and to learn how to set up your Bookings page and create different types of meetings for your colleagues.

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