PowerPoint: Secret Recording Tab

We are all finding ourselves making more recordings in PowerPoint lately. I hope you had a chance to try out the new and improved Record Slide Show  feature in PowerPoint. In fact, you are probably using a variety of recording features in PowerPoint and have likely noticed that these features are spread out throughout numerous different tabs in the ribbon: Slide Show recording is on the Slide Show tab, screen recording on the Insert tab, exporting a video is in Backstage View, and so on. Let’s simplify the process with a secret tab: the Recording Tab.

Activate the Recording Tab

We learn about another secret tab in Excel Macros session, but PowerPoint has its own special tab: the Recording Tab.

To activate this tab:

1. Right click anywhere on the contents of the ribbon.

2. Select Customize the Ribbon.

3.  On the right side of the popup is a list of the tabs in your ribbon. Scroll down to Recording. Click on the checkbox next to this tab to activate it in the ribbon.

4. Press OK.

Recording Tab

Hey, you have a new tab! How exciting. Here are some details about what you can access here.

A. Record Slide Show: A feature found on the Slide Show Tab. Learn more about this feature here.

B. Screenshot: Normally found on the Insert Tab, this feature allows you to grab a picture of your screen for a presentation.

C. Screen Recording, Video, and Audio: Also found on the Insert Tab, powerful tools for inserting video, audio, or recording your screen in action.

D. Save as Show, Export to Video: Typically you have to venture to Backstage View (File) to access these features.

Just to reiterate… you are not accessing new features with the Recording Tab, but you may find this to be a time saver as it brings together features that normally live all over the ribbon in various disparate tabs.


What do you think? Will you utilize this secret tab to save some time when recording in PowerPoint?

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