Exciting News: Digital Credential for WSU Power Users

Friends, I have an exciting announcement about the WSU Microsoft Office Power User Program.

Digital Credential for Power Users

Thanks to our industrious colleagues at Instructional Design and Access, there is now an official digital credential for WSU Microsoft Office Power Users!

What does this mean?If you become a WSU Microsoft Office Power User, one of these will be yours!


Power User Credential

(The flash in the corner of the image is in honor of Flash Fill! Isn’t it beautiful??)

Email Incoming…

Once you become a Power User, you will receive  an email from Credly that you have been awarded a credential. It will look something like this:

Email from Credly

To claim your credential:

  1. Select Get Started. You will be taken to a log in screen with your name and email already populated.
  2. Create a Password and check the appropriate boxes if you agree to terms.
    Create Password
  3. Click Sign Up Now.
    (p.s. if you already have an account with Credly, you can skip steps 2 through 4 and simply click the Login button underneath.

That is it! You will be taken to a log in screen showing your new credential. If you would like, you can share your new credential on social media with the share buttons on the left:


More options

Once you have created your Credly account, you can log in any time at Credly.com.  From here you can share or download your new credential any time.

  • From the main account screen, your credentials are visible. Account Screen
  • Hover over the Power User credential until options appear. The one on the right is sharing options.


Click on the sharing options to see the ability to share your credential on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Download a digital version of the image (you can use it in your signature!)

Share Options

That is the latest and greatest from Power User Land! Congratulations to all the powerful Power Users (and future Power Users). See you in training…

Congratulations, Power Users!

Congratulations to our newest Power Users! For the full gallery, and more information about the WSU Microsoft Office Power User Program, please visit: wichita.edu/poweruser

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Julie Brin

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